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Ordered a 1/4 Beef from Jeff last year. Every aspect of our experience with Stafford Meats has been awesome!! From help with the ordering process through pick up was a breeze. The meat was all packed in portions for 2 as we are empty nesters. The meat is without a doubt the best tasting Beef that we have ever experienced. Phenomenal flavor, tender and juicy. If you are looking for the best, at a reasonable price, Stafford Meats is the only consideration!!

- Bobby Warfield | North East, Md

We ordered the pork first and then the 1/2 beef and we have to say it was the best choice we ever made. Not only is the meat absolutely delicious but we felt it was healthier too. The packaging for the two of us was perfect with little waste. But the cherry on top was the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store especially during the covid pandemic. Thank you Stafford Angus!

- Ronney Schorah | Elkton, MD

Superior quality and flavor! Every cut is more flavorful and tender than anything I’ve ever bought before. Portion packs are great size for convenience and storage. Once you try it, you’ll never purchase meat anywhere else.

- Kathleen Stangret | Avon, NC

We purchased local beef for the first time last year and chose Stafford on a friend’s recommendation. (Before that we bought all our meat in the grocery store). Their beef tastes so much better and I’m sure it’s healthier. We served burgers at a pool party over the summer and many of our friends- even some of their young children- asked what type of beef we used. I was amazed the difference was that noticeable! We purchased a whole steer, which lasted our (carnivorous!) family of six about 18 months. We will continue to be repeat customers. I just wish we’d known about them sooner!

- Wyman Family | Elkton, MD

This is the best beef we have ever had. The flavor is incredible. The packaging is awesome and the service is better. Jeff and his family are great at what they do! We don’t ever have to worry about where our meat came from, we know it was from just down the road.

- The Quinn’s | North East, MD

More than once I have ordered beef. Absolutely fantastic each and every time.
Highly Recommend!

- Keith Wilson | Newark

First time trying and we will definitely be back. The quality and flavor is beyond store bought beef.

- Kelly Byersmith | Kelly Byersmith

We have been buying meat from Stafford for years now. It is a long drive for us but so worth it!! We love the meat!!

- Angel | Woodbridge, VA

We (family of 5) have been customers of Stafford Angus for a while now…..and will never go back to store bought beef. The quality, the taste, the packaging, the pricing, and the customer service are all superior. I recommend anyone who is interested in buying local, in supporting local businesses, and in eating healthy to buy from Stafford Angus.

- Olivia | Elkton, MD

After my second time buying beef from the Stafford, I can confirm that the quality and care that goes into their beef is consistent. I got a Rancher’s Bundle the first time which fed the two of us (who have a varied diet) for about a year, then this month I received a quarter steer which I split with my parents. The value and quality you get with these orders far surpasses the product you can find in most grocery stores, and we know the people and place that it came from. The young Stafford also offers high quality pork products which we have ordered before. Friendly, knowledgeable, and consistent with their quality, the Stafford will keep me coming back for more!

- April P. | Wilmington, DE

We had our first roast from the beef we purchased from you, and it was excellent, we are very happy with the taste and quality, and will be a returning customer.

- Trudy Stevenson | Aberdeen MD

This is the best tasting beef we have ever enjoyed. When the steaks are cooked on the grille, they melt in your mouth.Great Service from a great local business.

- Douglas Family | North East, MD

The beef is very high quality and is packaged very neatly and clean.

- Messner Family |

Feeding my large family (11 kids) is a challenge, but Stafford Angus sure helps. Not only is the beef always great tasting, but the price beats every place I’ve checked and the whole process is so straightforward! Having a full freezer of good meat, makes meal planning and my life a little easier. Now, if only we could get a cow to babysit!!

- Matt and Rachel Watkins |

We love our beef from Stafford Angus! We know where it came from and it tastes so much better than store bought beef. We would recommend Stafford Angus Beef to anyone!

- Jen |

The meat is excellent. It is fresh and packed just right. I wouldn’t buy store bought meat again. Communication with Jeff is outstanding. Can always count on him to respond to your email or phone call in a timely matter. I highly recommend buying off of Jeff Stafford.

- Donna Hurd |

Stafford Angus’ beef is one of the top I’ve ever tasted. I always bought grocery store beef. Since I have tasted the Angus from Stafford, I don’t think I will ever buy beef from a grocery store again.

- Joe |

I only have great things to say about the Stafford’s and their beef. We have been customers for about five years when we only had four children now we have seven and find the quality, price ,convenience and service impeccable. We are always 100% satisfied. Keep up the great work!!

- God Bless | The Baldwin Family

The beef has so much flavor. I like the packaging plus the portions are really convenient. The taste is so much better than grocery store varieties. We will be back for more!

- Mary Ann Null |

The best beef I have had since I quit raising my own!!

- Anonymous |

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