News from the Farm

Beef Order Availability

Taking rancher bundle orders for April 2025
1/4, 1/2, Whole Beef orders for Fall of 2025
Please comment on your order ASAP or when you’d like it to be ready. If anything opens up around the time you specify, we will let you know, otherwise your order will be put in the order received.

Do orders move up if I put asap? Yes they can.
About 60% of our friends have standing orders for a specific month or every 6 months. We have 8-12 beef scheduled for every month, those appointments are full until the date listed above. When we get to take more than schedule your ASAP order will move up and past those with a fixed date. You’ll still have a months notice of it being ready

Federally Inspected, Custom cut, vacuum sealed and boxed. Any questions before ordering? Email

Stop & Shop
While you await your order stop in and shop by the piece at our farm market
Thursdays 3-6pm
Fridays 3-6pm
Saturdays 8am-2pm
541 Old Elm Rd
North East Md 21901
Cash & Card Accepted. No checks

Farm Market Ordering Online

Your order here online will be boxed up and ready for pick up during our market hours. Continue to & to add pork & baked goods. Orders must be in 48 hours before your selected pick-up time. Be sure to select Thurs 4-6 or Sat 8-2.

Home Delivery

Your order will be delivered to your door! Please check the delivery map to be sure you are in the route
Orders must be in by Sunday evening each week.

Where to find our products

Our local favorite snack sticks and delicious Beef & Pork Jerky can be found at all of the following.

*carry more of our products.

  • *Stafford Farm Market
  • * Benjamin’s Store
  • * Keyes Creamery
  • * J’s Farm Market
  • * Milburn Orchards
  • *The Jetty Frog Market
  • Fair Hill Liquors
  • Plum Creek Market
  • Vlamis Liquors
  • Pleasant Hill Store
  • Weaver’s Liquors
  • State Line Liquors
  • North East Store
  • Hopkins Brewery
  • Chesapeake Bay Coffee
  • Weaver’s Liquors
  •  Wesley’s
  • Johnston’s Liquors
  • Wrights Deli
  • Jayco Liquors
  • Triangle Liquors
  • Conowingo Liquors
  • Rock Springs Deli
  • Cherry Hill Liquors
  • Calvert Country Store
  • Brantwood Liquors
  • Bayview Liquors
  • Furnace Bay Golf Course
  • Oxford Feed and Lumber
  • Wrights Deli
  • Newark Discount Liquors
  • Caps and Corks Liquors
  • South Main Street Liquors
  • Wetlands Golf Club
  • Chesapeake Bay Golf Club
  • J and K Liquor Warehouse
  • Aberdeen Liquors
  • Beards Hill Liquors
  • East Cost Liquors
  • Northside Liquors
  • Harbour Wine and Spirits
  • Cliff’s Cut Rate Liquors
  • One Stop Liquors
  • Rick’s Beer and Wine

Below you’ll find a list of products offered at our market. Sign up for email updates to see changes for each week.

Other Products

  • Raeford Chicken- breasts, thighs, drumsticks, party wings
  • T-shirts
  • Steak & Burger Seasoning
  • Nana’s Crafts
  • Baked Goods- cupcakes, brownies, cookies
  • Ice Cream
  • Honey
  • Cheese


Fresh Brown eggs by the dozen laid here on the farm

  • PORK-
    • Heat & Eat Pulled Pork
    • Sweet Italian Loose Sausage
    • Sage Loose Sausage
    • Spicy Loose Sausage
    • Ground Pork Loose Sausage
    • Maple Breakfast Link Sausage
    • Sage Breakfast Link Sausage
    • Sweet Italian Grillers (Grillers are 1/4lb sausages 4 per pack)
    • Hot Italian Grillers
    • Chesapeake Grillers
    • Sage Grillers
    • Scrapple
    • Bacon
    • Chops
    • Ham Steaks
    • Ribs
  • BEEF-
    • Snack Sticks
    • Beef Jerky
    • Steak & Burger Seasoning
    • Filet Mignon
    • Porterhouse Steak
    • T-Bone Steak
    • Delmonico Steak
    • Kabobs
    • Roasts
    • Brisket
    • Sloppy Joe
    • Pulled Beef
    • Chili- seasonal
    • Natural All Beef Hotdogs- seasonal
    • Beef Bacon
    • Chip Steak
    • Beef Grillers- Pepper Onion Cheese (Grillers are 1/4lb sausages 4 per pack)
    • Beef Grillers- Jalapeño Cheddar
    • Arm Roast
    • Chuck Roast
    • Sirloin Roast
    • Eye Roast
    • Short Ribs
    • Soup Bones, Heart, Liver, Tongue

Be sure to sign up for our farm market emails on the home page. They will come each Friday with an updated list of what is available or out of stock.